End suction pumps according DIN 24256

Pump according DIN 24256 for heavy duty applications (for example for chemicals). In comparison to the DIN 25255 variant, this pump is more robust and suitable for a higher system presssures (PN16).

The most applied model of this series is the long coupled model, where shaft is supported by ball bearings in a bearing housing outside the liquid zone. A shaft seal provides for a water and air tight seal in the casing between impeller and bearings. Primarily the DIN 24256 pump is used with magnetic coupling to form a magnetic drive pump. In this case the shaft seal is replaced by a the magnetic coupling, making the pump absolutely leakproof. (for further details see "magnetic drive pumps").


For general clean liquid applications, where a reliable pump is needed with minimum maintenance.There are several executions available on the market in different price- and quality levels.