Recessed impeller- vortex pumps

Description recessed impeller- / vortex pump:
A vortex pump is a centrifugal pump of which the impeller is placed in the back of a pump casing (recessed impeller). The impeller creates a liquid vortex in the open pump casing which directs all spherical solids, slurry, sludge, grit, stringy or fibrous material through the pump without clogging. Only a small percentage of the passing liquids gets into contact with the rotating impeller. The vortex pumps belong to the category "special centrifugal pumps".


These pumps are very suitable for difficult applications such as pumping contaminated liquids with suspended solids and fibres. Solids will not be likely to damage the impeller. So this pump is also suitable for pumping water with delicate (solid) substances ("soft pumping").