Level regulators - float switches

The float switch is the simplest way of level regulation ; a mechanical switch hangs on the desired height on its own cable. When the medium reaches the switch, the body/ casing will tilt, which will cause the micro switch to break or connect the circuit. The pump will be stopped or started, or trigger an alarm.

These small switches have a big job ; to reliably control (expensive) pumping systems. When the switch fails, costly damage can be the result for pumps, related equipment or direct environment. These risks can be prevented by using only the best quality float switches.The best quality float switches are part of our program.

Our patented level regulators are available  in several versions, depending on the medium for which it is applied. We have float switches for sewage water, clean water, Atex switches and hot water switches (up to 130 oC). We can also supply level sensors for narrow tubes or pipes.