Company profile

There are millions of pump applications and hundred kind of pumps worldwide.
Worldwide there are tens of thousands of pump manufacturers and dealers.
Every supplier sells his own pump brand or pump kind, but every dealer or manufacturer pretends to be able to supply the best pump for every application. However "the best pump" is their pump most of the time. Pump technical- and applicational know-how remain limited in this case because of the dependence on their own products.

Intermediair Beumer B.V. distinguishes itself through;

  • True indepedent pump expertise over the wide pump application field
  • Thirty years of experience and independence ensure the best market insight
  • Through years of experience we have broad know-how of pump applications
  • Close business contact with manufacturers worldwide ensure optimal price/quality judgement
  • Always up to date with the latest developments and inovations in the business
  • Objective advice, education and source of information in pumps and applications

Our mission:

Helping to solve our customer's pump related problems and saving them money on purchase and operating cost.